The Vixen

Mina Harker

Mina Harker is a late 30’s mother of two married to Jonathan for going on a decade or so. She is of Asian descent at 5’3″ and around 140lbs. From a family of seven siblings, she is the youngest.

Mina is a bit of Netflix junkie and likes Korean and Chinese dramas along with foodie and action shows. She does crafts and likes to knit as well. Her literary preference is by far romance novels…the steamy kind. Food…yes. J/K. Mina loves Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Italian (food and men 😉 though she’s up to try almost anything.

Mina’s taste in men is both highly selective and yet varied. She has a preference for clean-cut Asian and Caucasian men but is not terribly picky on race. Rather, she has a soft spot for guys that are well groomed, professional, funny, polite, highly intelligent/educated, and generally +/-5 years from her (though there are exceptions). She prefers thin-to-moderately fit guys and isn’t all that into bulky gym rats or a lot of tats. Her turn-offs are guys who are pushy and loud, aggressive “type-A”, muscles larger than their brains, and those who learned their sexual techniques from mainstream porn.

For single guys, the bar is a little high. She has a preference for consummate professionals like doctors, business men, teachers/professors, and those in high-level positions where intelligence, education, or professionalism has gotten them where they are. They have to be able to hold intelligent conversations on varied topics. However, these men have to be down-to-earth as well! They have to be able to take her on an upscale dinner date one night then stay in and play adult board games with all of us the next.

Sexually, Mina is pretty straightforward. She likes the man to take charge in a caring and non-aggressive way. She loves erotic massages and doesn’t last long with a man’s tongue on her clit. She has a preference for men of at least average penis size and above as she enjoys deep penetration. Mina does NOT like aggressive and grabby hands/mouths. She prefers firm yet gentle breast play and caring fingers in other places ;). Being too physically aggressive won’t get you an invite back!

Being a tired parent and relatively “standard” in the bedroom, Mina does NOT like to fuck for hours; she has to get up early the next morning! She has a definite preference for an average of 30-45min of erotic play including foreplay and intercourse. No need to prove your stamina with her. Just be attentive and aware of her needs, as well as your own, and she’ll be satisfied. Mina tends to be an, “easy comer” as she can easily come from penetration alone. It’s not uncommon for her to have 5+ orgasms in 30min of sex with Jonathan. Just be aware that after a few orgasms, she gets a little sleepy!

Mina is actively seeking out a long-term boyfriend/FWB with an emphasis on the “friend” part, a couple to be a unicorn to, and her first bi experience! Most adult play will have to involve Jonathan if only as an observer (especially in the unicorn context). Eventually, solo dates and play time can be had including weekend getaways, sleepovers, and all that fun stuff.


The Hothusband

Jonathan Harker

Jonathan is a late 30’s father of two married to Mina for about a decade or so. He was born in Hawaii and is of mixed descent being half Caucasian and half Asian and stands at 5’11” at about 170lbs. For full transparency, he measures in at exactly 6″ with normal girth.

His interests are varied and include programming/cloud tech, photography, reading, cooking, and working on the house and on cars. He is an avid runner. In any given week, Jonathan runs around 20-25km and loves to trail run the local mountain loop. In addition to running, he also hits the gym 4x/week.

Jonathan likes most kinds of cuisine but has an affinity for Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and Italian. He cooks mostly Asian-inspired dishes and has been trying to perfect his from-scratch homemade pho. A recent fan of the Instant Pot, Jonathan makes a mean kalua pig and will try to cook any dish at least once in that thing.

A nerd at heart, Jonathan holds a master’s degree and a doctorate and is one class away from a second master’s in computer science. He has been working in programming/technology for all of his career and loves to share and teach programming to the next generation. You can typically find him working on his next “big” app idea. Everyone is still waiting for one of those to pay off ;).

Jonathan’s interests in women are more sapiosexual than anything else. He loves intelligent, driven, and smart women and finds mental engagement extremely attractive. He has almost no race preference but does appreciate physical fitness as it typically reflects his attraction to a driven and high-achieving personality. He would love to find a fitness activity partner in-and-out of the bedroom.

Sexually, Jonathan loves foreplay that includes teasing, anticipation, erotic games, and anything visually and/or mentally engaging. He loves to photograph and take video when all parties agree and he’s just as happy watching the action as participating in it. A little more adventurous in the bedroom than Mina, Jonathan loves to use toys on his partner and takes the, “she comes first” mentality quite seriously.