• Mina’s Boyfriend…and His Roommate

    This story is fictional but would be very enticing if it were real 😉

    Mina has a boyfriend named Josh. They have been seeing each other for about a year now. Their evenings typically consist of going out on a date then back to Mina and Jonathan’s place for sex. Sometimes Jonathan watches, sometimes he participates, and sometimes they just use the guest bedroom and close the door. See, Josh lives with a roommate which makes playtime at his place a little more difficult. They have done it on occasion but those times are pretty rare.

    One night, Mina was feeling a little anxious. She decided to text Josh to see if he’d like her to come over for the night. He responds that his roommate is home and that they really can’t play like they otherwise would. Mina thinks about it for a bit but is very much in the mood for time with Josh and she decides to go over there anyway, even if just to hang out and tease him a little bit. So she jumps in the shower to get clean. While in the shower, she cleanly shaves her pussy and legs. She wants to be super clean for her fuck buddy. After the shower, she goes into the closet to get dressed. She’s in a purely slutty mood and wants a dress that says exactly that. She decides on a short black dress with a low cut top and hemline that rides a number of inches above her knees. She goes to grab panties but stops herself. No, she won’t be needing them…nor a bra. She finishes getting dressed and gets downstairs where she picks out a classy pair of heels. She turns to Jonathan on her way out and says, “I’ll be back, well fucked and satisfied…wait up if you want some of me.”

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  • Our Camping Trip

    This is an original fictional story.

    Mina and Jonathan decide to go on a camping trip in late Spring before the AZ Summer heat starts to really hit. They don’t typically camp much so they are a little new to the experience but are eager to get away from the kids and reconnect in the peaceful outdoors. Jonathan used to fish a lot in his youth and was hoping to get in some reel time. They end up picking a spot about two hours North of Phoenix just outside of Flagstaff next to a small lake.

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