• Mina’s Tummy Tuck

    “Ok, hold on a minute, you just got done talking about how we should be ourselves and that it’s all about attitude and confidence and now you’re going to talk about how Mina got a tummy tuck? Are you kidding me?”

    Yes, that’s right. We wanted to share Mina’s story about why she got a tummy tuck and show before and after photos, as unglamorous as they might be, in hope that it will help others to either be perfectly fine with how they are or give some comfort to those who might want to make small or maybe bigger changes to get a little confidence back.

    After Mina had two children, she, like most women, had changes to her body that were less than ideal. Weight was one thing but no matter the diet or how much exercise, her tummy would hardly ever change! Her boobs came and went. Her ass came and went. But her tummy was almost always the same no matter what. She lived with it for about 11 years (and another child) until, over the course of a few conversations with Jonathan, the topic of liposuction was considered.

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