This story is fictional but would be very enticing if it were real 😉

Mina has a boyfriend named Josh. They have been seeing each other for about a year now. Their evenings typically consist of going out on a date then back to Mina and Jonathan’s place for sex. Sometimes Jonathan watches, sometimes he participates, and sometimes they just use the guest bedroom and close the door. See, Josh lives with a roommate which makes playtime at his place a little more difficult. They have done it on occasion but those times are pretty rare.

One night, Mina was feeling a little anxious. She decided to text Josh to see if he’d like her to come over for the night. He responds that his roommate is home and that they really can’t play like they otherwise would. Mina thinks about it for a bit but is very much in the mood for time with Josh and she decides to go over there anyway, even if just to hang out and tease him a little bit. So she jumps in the shower to get clean. While in the shower, she cleanly shaves her pussy and legs. She wants to be super clean for her fuck buddy. After the shower, she goes into the closet to get dressed. She’s in a purely slutty mood and wants a dress that says exactly that. She decides on a short black dress with a low cut top and hemline that rides a number of inches above her knees. She goes to grab panties but stops herself. No, she won’t be needing them…nor a bra. She finishes getting dressed and gets downstairs where she picks out a classy pair of heels. She turns to Jonathan on her way out and says, “I’ll be back, well fucked and satisfied…wait up if you want some of me.”

Actual photo of Mina before a swinger’s M&G.

As she drives over to Josh’s place, her pussy is already getting wet thinking about the sexy scenario that might unfold. Sure, the roommate will be there but that doesn’t diminish the sexiness of hanging out with Josh and the inevitable flirting and sexual tension that will likely ensue. When she arrives, Josh opens the door and stands there in amazement before giving her a hug and welcoming her in. Once in the house, Mina sees Josh’s roommate for the first time. He’s another doctor probably mid-30s, white, good build with a very cute and handsome face. She likes what she sees and her pussy confirms that, getting even wetter. Josh fixes her a drink and they sit down on the sofa with Mina and Josh sitting together and the roommate, on the love seat adjacent to them.

Everyone beings a little small talk. Topics range the gamut from work to kids to weekend activities. After a while, the drink starts to kick in and Mina starts loosening up, laughing, flirting, feeling really good and very comfortable with the two guys. As she goes to put her empty glass down on the coffee table, Mina notices the roommate eyeing down her dress. She’s not wearing a bra and her breasts are basically in full view as she leans over. She makes no attempt to cover up and blushes slightly at the thought of another man’s attraction to her. As soon as she sits down, Josh gets up and takes her glass into the kitchen for a refill. This causes Mina to shift her position a little and with one knee on the sofa and the other foot on the ground, she realizes that her dress has risen rather high on her thighs and that the roommate probably has a very nice view of her bare, and glistening, pussy. Again she makes no attempt to cover up as she steals a glance at him and indeed notices him eyeing up her dress. She slowly cracks a smile as the roommates eyes meet hers.

Josh returns with another drink and hands it to Mina. She takes a sip and then, feeling emboldened, asks everyone if they are interested in watching a movie. They both agree that it sounded like a good idea so Mina asked them what they have. After naming a number movies she has already seen, she decides to take a little risk and asks what kinds of movies they watch when there are no girls around. Both guys look at each other and smile a bit and the roommate says that they usually watching things that are not quite appropriate for, “kids or friendly company.” With a smile, Mina stands up and as she walks to the restroom tells them to, “put on the best movie you have like that, that I’ve probably never seen.”

While in the restroom, Mina checks the mirror and fixes herself a bit. She can feel the sexual tension building between everyone but she can especially feel it between her legs. Her heart is pounding and her pussy is so wet and swollen that she can feel her heart racing between the lips of her vagina. She reaches down to touch herself and she is absolutely soaking as she runs her finger past her clit and through the wet folds of her pussy lips. As she brings her fingers up to her face, her juices form a clear and slick bridge between her fingers. She pulls out her camera and snaps a pic, sending it to Jonathan with the message, “This is how wet I am right now. Going back out to watch something with two guys.” She washes up and returns to the living room to the sounds of voices on the TV and her two, “friends” watching it intently.

As Mina sits down next to Josh, he wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. She responds in kind by placing her hand on his thigh then directs her attention to the TV. “So what have you guys chosen?” she asks. Josh responds, “Oh just a little something we watch on occasion.” On the TV, there are two guys and one girl sitting around a card table playing poker. It soon becomes clear that they aren’t just playing poker, they are playing strip poker. Each hand results in someone losing an article of clothing. After a few minutes, the woman is down to her bra and panties and the guys are down to their boxers. The next hand is dealt and the woman loses, reluctantly unhooking her bra and throwing it into the pile of clothes on the table. Unfortunately for her, she also loses the next round and as the guys gloat in satisfaction, the woman stands up, turns around, then slowly bends over as she peels her panties down her ass and lets them fall to the floor. The men in the video, both sporting rather large hardons, slowly get up and drop their boxers.

“So this is what you boys watch when no one else is around hu?” Mina asks, eyeing them both. They slowly nod, eyeing her intently with a desire and passion so thick it was almost stifling. “So is this kind of thing you guys want to do?” she sheepishly asks? Josh slowly starts rubbing her shoulder and reaches over with his other hand and starts rubbing her bare thigh. “It’s definitely something we wouldn’t mind, should the situation present itself,” Josh says softly into her ear. Mina’s hand is rubbing Josh’s thigh up and down and she can clearly feel the large member she knows is hiding in his pants.

She looks to the TV in time to see the woman standing, sandwiched between both men, kissing one while stroking the cocks of both. She turns her head to Josh and he leans in to kiss her. Her body tingles as their tongues dance together, knowing she is being watched by a stranger. As their making out gets heavier, Josh’s hand finds its way up Mina’s short dress and he starts to rub her bare and soaking mound. Mina shifts in her seat, leaning back and placing both her feet onto the floor, spreading her legs slightly to allow her boyfriend’s hands easier access. As Josh’s fingers hit her clit, a jolt of pleasure races through her body and she jumps slightly and lets out a deep moan. Her knees raise up and out reflexively, letting the bottom of her dress fall back to her waist, exposing the little that was still covered. They continue like this for a few minutes, deep kissing and petting. Mina’s hand is rubbing Josh’s cock through his pants while two of Josh’s fingers have found their way deep inside of her pussy. The wet sounds of Mina being fingered fill the air, along with her muffled moans.

Josh’s roommate is watching, taking in the amazing scene before him. He slowly starts to undress, losing his shirt, then shorts, then finally his boxers. As he sits down, Mina breaks her kiss and glances over at him. The first thing she notices is his cock, it’s as big as Josh’s and looks just as inviting. She watches him sit down and take his cock into his hands, slowly stroking it as they make eye contact. Josh slowly slips a third finger into Mina’s drenched tight pussy and she takes it easily. It’s not long before her eyes roll back in her head and her breathing intensifies as she feels a massive orgasm building. Josh moves his other hand to Mina’s shoulder and slips down the strap of her dress, exposing her right breast to everyone. He slides down and takes her nipple into her mouth and start sucking and licking it. That’s all she can take as he orgasm overcomes her and she starts screaming in pleasure. Her knees up to her chest now, wide open and exposed for the roommate. Spasms convulse her body as Josh’s fingers plunge in and out of her tight yet well-lubricated pussy.

As her orgasm subsides, Josh withdraws his fingers from her, stands up, and takes his clothes off. Mina is still recovering from her earth-shattering orgasm when Josh sits back down and leads Mina by the hand to kneel in front of him. She follows his lead, eyeing his large cock as she wraps her fingers around it licks it from base to tip, engulfing the head and taking into her mouth the best she can. Her other hand joins the first as she uses both hands to stroke him while sucking on the head of his cock. Suddenly remembering they were not alone, Mina glances over to the roommate and sees that his stroking has increased. She repositions herself such that she’s now on her hands and knees lining her ass right up to the roommate giving him an amazing view.

mina bj
Mina double-fisting her lover’s cock.

After sucking on Josh’s cock for a few minutes, Mina works herself up onto Josh’s lap kissing him deeply while he fondles her ass and beasts. She reaches down and grabs the base of his large cock and positions it at the entrance to her pussy. Mina has never taken another man bareback before. She breaks the kiss and whispers into Josh’s ear, “fuck me bare” as she slowly lowers herself onto him. Her juices are flowing and he slips in with no problem, About halfway down his cock, Mina lets out an audible gasp and her face shows a split second of shock as the thickest part of his cock stretches her pussy open. She rides him like this for a while, sometimes slowly, other times with the speed and depth that she loves.

mina mounting cock
Mina’s first time barebacking her lover.

When she could tell that Josh was getting close to orgasm, she sunk all the way down on him and slowly turned to look at the roommate. He looked hot and extremely horny watching the live sex show in front of him. She smiles at him then whispers into Josh’s ear, “you wait here, I’m going to fuck your roommate.” Josh smiles and nods in agreement. Mina lifts herself off of Josh’s cock and slowly walks over to the roommate. He is slouched, almost laying on the sofa stroking his hard cock. Mina gets down on her hands and knees and crawls over to him. She softly asks him, “do you like what you see? Is this body something you want?” He is speechless and simply nods in agreement. Mina stands up and places her hand on his shoulder to stabilize herself as she swings one leg over his chest and lowers herself down onto his mouth.

The first thing she feels is his warm mouth encompassing her sex followed by his tongue as it traces the outlines of her pussy lips before coming to rest on her clit. He purses his lips, causing them to form a seal around her clit as he gently sucks and licks her clit until her breathing and moans tell him that she’s near orgasm. Suddenly, he breaks the attention on her clit and sinks his tongue deep into her vagina. This sends Mina over the edge and the second orgasm of the night hits her like a ton of bricks. She reaches down to grab his head with both hands as her orgasm ravishes her body and she’s trying all she can do to keep her balance on the tongue deep inside her vagina.

As her orgasm subsides, she lifts herself off of the roommate and she grabs his hand, leading him over to the other couch. Once there, standing in front of Josh who is still hard as a rock, she gets onto her hands and knees, bringing the roommate down onto his knees with her. She leans over onto Josh’s lap and takes his cock into her mouth, sucking him like she was before. Reaching underneath her, she finds the roommates cock and pulls it to her pussy lips. The roommate doesn’t need any more instruction as he grabs her hips and plunges deeply, with one hard thrust, all the way into Mina’s wet pussy. She moans hard into Josh’s cock as the roommate’s size is just as big as Josh’s. He fucks her like a wild animal, pushing her deep on to Josh’s cock with every hard thrust and spanking her round ass hard. Mina’s high-pitched moans fill the room yet again as the roommate brings her to yet another orgasm; her pussy tightening around his thick cock as the waves of pleasure overtake her. He can’t take it anymore and makes a final deep thrust into Mina’s pussy, making her squeal in a mixture of pleasure and a little pain as he empties his balls inside of her.

One of Mina’s previous fuck buddies.

When both have recovered, the roommate retreats back to the other couch exhausted but thoroughly satisfied while Mina stands up, and gets onto her hands and knees on the ottoman presenting herself for her boyfriend. She needs to be sure everyone is happy after all. Josh gets up off the couch and mounts Mina on the ottoman, sinking his large cock deep into her. Mina starts rubbing her clit as her boyfriend is pounding her familiar pussy. The show that he just witnessed has pushed him to the absolute edge and it doesn’t take more than Mina saying, in-between her moans, “cum deep inside of me” that he can’t take it anymore and pushes as deep into Mina as possible. Again, Mina orgasms at the same time as Josh and they both collapse in exhaustion.

mina doggy
Mina taking it doggy from her lover.

With everyone spent, Mina stands up and saunters off into the bathroom saying, “isn’t anyone going to help me clean up for my husband?” Both men don’t hesitate to get up. About an hour later, Mina comes through the door with a big smile on her face and a look of relaxation. “How was it?” Jonathan asks. Mina walks up to him, kisses him deeply, and hands him her cell phone saying, “why don’t you see for yourself?” She continues upstairs and gets into the shower. Jonathan sits down and unlocks her phone finding a 45minute video of the evening. He starts watching it, skipping over some parts but catching all the hot steamy sex and orgasms his sexy hotwife had and had given away. He closes the video with her and the men following her to the shower. He goes upstairs just as Mina is drying off. He ask her, “why did you need to shower again if you just showered over there?” She drops her towel, winks at Jonathan, and pulls him onto the bed.

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