“Ok, hold on a minute, you just got done talking about how we should be ourselves and that it’s all about attitude and confidence and now you’re going to talk about how Mina got a tummy tuck? Are you kidding me?”

Yes, that’s right. We wanted to share Mina’s story about why she got a tummy tuck and show before and after photos, as unglamorous as they might be, in hope that it will help others to either be perfectly fine with how they are or give some comfort to those who might want to make small or maybe bigger changes to get a little confidence back.

After Mina had two children, she, like most women, had changes to her body that were less than ideal. Weight was one thing but no matter the diet or how much exercise, her tummy would hardly ever change! Her boobs came and went. Her ass came and went. But her tummy was almost always the same no matter what. She lived with it for about 11 years (and another child) until, over the course of a few conversations with Jonathan, the topic of liposuction was considered.

The cost wasn’t too prohibitive and the risks were relatively small for the perceived benefit. Mina jumped online and reviewed a few local cosmetic surgeons. She picked one and went in for a consultation. When she came home, she went over the options with Jonathan. It turns out that due to her size and the relative size of the babies, her abdominal tissue between the muscles was stretched so much that it effectively became permanent. The condition is called Diastasis Recti. The Dr said that it was likely that she almost tore her belly button from the inside! He said that liposuction would help a little but not much since most of the problem was the stretched abdominal muscles. When we would touch her belly, the one odd thing we always noticed was yes, there was flab and fat but that an awfully large section of her tummy was firm to the touch. It definitely wasn’t all fat. Take a look at the “before” photos below and you can see what we’re talking about. It’s almost like there was rectangular “box” for lack of a better word, in her belly.

Needless to say, a tummy tuck was a bit beyond the pale in terms of what both of us considered practical and necessary; and it wasn’t cheap (about $11k). Jonathan told Mina that a tummy tuck was quite a procedure and that it was entirely up to her what she wanted to do and that he would support whatever she decided. Thinking it over for about a month or so, Mina decided she wanted to do it. Not for the lifestyle (this was never about that at all), not for Jonathan, not for anyone or anything else other than herself and her body and her confidence.

The procedure took a few hours but the recovery was pretty difficult. She was largely bed-ridden for over a week and needed help with almost everything. Despite all of that, everything turned out great. After the initial week, recovery was faster and faster. Mina has brand new confidence, we both love her new look in all the outfits that she just didn’t feel comfortable wearing before, and bedroom fun has taken on a new dimension! She feels comfortable (and looks great in) the kinds of dresses and lingerie that she just didn’t wear before.

As promised, here are some of the before and after shots. We wanted to post these to show not only the improvement but also to give a real impression of what Mina looked like before. Mind you, we have not been active in the lifestyle since the surgery (10/2019) due to recovery so she went 11 years playing in the body she had with absolutely no problems. She owned it and all the people we played with loved it. The choice to go under the knife was hers alone.



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