This is an original fictional story.

Mina and Jonathan decide to go on a camping trip in late Spring before the AZ Summer heat starts to really hit. They don’t typically camp much so they are a little new to the experience but are eager to get away from the kids and reconnect in the peaceful outdoors. Jonathan used to fish a lot in his youth and was hoping to get in some reel time. They end up picking a spot about two hours North of Phoenix just outside of Flagstaff next to a small lake.

The campground was pretty standard but was clean and well kept and about a mile or so off the main road. Though calling it a “main” road would be pushing it. It’s some somewhat secluded but close enough to the necessities. They arrived at about 3pm in the afternoon and while it was not quite Summer yet, the beginnings of warm weather were definitely there. As they started to unpack, they noticed another tent about 15 yards down the shore. They saw two men, both sitting in chairs with fishing poles in hand. They waved at Jonathan and Mina and continued their conversation.

A short while later, both of the men came over to introduce themselves. Their names were Ken and James, old friends in their 40’s. Ken looked at the top end of his 40’s though had aged well and looked to have kept fairly fit. His friend James, at the lower end of 40, was well built and handsome. They were both very nice and after a little chatting Mina and Jonathan ended up inviting them to share their campfire once the sun went down.

As it was the tail end of Spring it was a bit warm in the afternoon and Mina hadn’t really been wearing much during the day and certainly wasn’t going to change that at night. Mina only had on a light camisole and short cotton shorts just enough to cover her ass. No bra and no panties. The first evening, everyone sat around the fire getting to know each other and talking about what everyone did, family, etc. Innocent enough.

Through the firelight, Jonathan could tell that the father and son were checking Mina out all night. Mina’s nipples were visible through her camisole, hardening and softening as the breeze blew. Mina was sitting on a log across from them and every time Mina moved, they would get a nice view of her thighs and occasionally Mina’s crotch. Leaning over the fire to roast marshmallows gave them a nice view down Mina’s top and at her breasts. Eventually, everyone called it a night and turned in.

The next day, Jonathan and Mina were out and about. They went for an early-morning hike then came back for lunch. Jonathan got a little fishing in while Mina relaxed and read in the tent. As the sun went down, Jonathan and Mina noticed their campmates driving back to camp. Turns out they had journeyed up the road about 20 miles to another lake to try their luck. They looked to have about four or five trout in hand. As Jonathan and Mina had just about finished starting their campfire, they asked Ken and James if they wanted to just share the fire again. It would be faster and they could cook their fish and eat with them if that was of interest. Looking exhausted, they gladly accepted.

The evening progressed much like the night before but now the conversation became a little more intimate; with discussions of relationships and sexual innuendos. This was likely fueled by the myriad of empty beer bottles slowly accumulating around the fire. Mina remained mostly silent as the guys talked about women, past relationships, experiences, etc.

Through the firelight, Jonathan could see the tent growing in James’ pants as he tried to conceal a rather large erection. Passively listening to the conversation, Mina was starting to get turned on. Mina’s nipples were pretty much constantly hard and erect and she could feel her pussy getting wetter as a rather large wet spot was forming in her cotton shorts. Mina excuse herself to get a little water and to take a break from the escalating conversation. As Mina got up, she accidentally misstepped and ended up falling right on her butt facing the father and son. Mina’s legs swung wide open as she tried to stop the fall but it was too late as the dark wet spot between her legs was on show for everyone. Embarrassed, Mina rush into her tent for a reprieve but in doing so accidentally broke one of the support straps and the tent collapsed!

Everyone tried to get the tent set up again but to no avail. Ken and James offered to share their tent for the night. It was certainly big enough and they said they wouldn’t mind. Everyone came back and settled around the campfire trying to relax after all the excitement. Knowing how horny the guys were and of course, how wet Mina was, Jonathan suggests a little card game of truth or dare. It was basically War with the winner giving the truth or dare to the person with the lowest card. Mina was a little apprehensive but Jonathan knew how hot she was and that she almost always goes along with his suggestions.

At first, it started out tame; a few rounds of simple questions and basic dares. But after a few rounds, things started to get a little hotter. Mina lost a dare to Jonathan and he dared her to take off her top for the rest of the night! Not wanting to back down (and being incredibly turned on), Mina gave Jonathan a sly look and then glanced over at the father and son pair as she slowly peeled up her camisole. Once off, Mina sat down to six eyes staring right at her chest. From that point on, all dares seemed to involve removing articles of clothing.

Pretty soon, all the guys were naked and Mina only had her damp shorts on. All the men were sporting strong erections. Ken and James both had sizable, long, and thick cocks, both pointing up at attention. Mina’s one vestige of modesty was not destined to last long. On his next turn, Jonathan dared Mina to remove her shorts. At this point, Mina was so turned on and wet that she would do almost anything someone asked of her. She started to shed her submissive guise and became the more aggressive woman Jonathan knows her to be in these situations. Mina stood up, turned around with her ass facing the men, slowly bent over and peeled down her shorts, showing everyone her ass and pussy mound. You could see the trail of grool clinging between Mina’s shorts and her pussy as she lowered them all the way down and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

At this point, Jonathan decided on taking things up a notch. Fortunately for him, he won again and Mina had the lowest card. For Mina’s next dare, Jonathan dared her to take James into their tent for, “7 minutes in heaven.” Everyone was a little shocked but Mina stood up, walked over to him, grabbed his hand and led him the short walk into their tent. As Mina approached, she got down on her hands and knees, giving everyone a wonderful view, as she crawled into the tent. For the next six minutes, the father and Jonathan listened intently as they heard kissing, wet sounds, then moans. At seven minutes, Jonathan called both of them out, noticing the flustered and heated look both of them had. Jonathan then said that it would only be fair to do the same with Ken. Again Mina took the lead and led the father into the tent. For the next seven minutes, we heard the same sounds but near the six-minute mark, we heard Mina scream in orgasm.

Jonathan looked at James and said that he better get in there and check up on Mina‚Ķbut to leave the tent door open. Jonathan got up and moved closer across from the open door to see Mina on her back, legs spread open, with the Ken’s fingers working themselves in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Over the next 45 minutes, Jonathan watched through the door as this pair took turns having their way with Mina. Jonathan watched Mina suck their cocks; he watched Mina straddle and impale herself on James while Ken stuck his cock in her mouth; Jonathan watched Mina on her back as Ken mounted her and hammered her pussy with his big cock and Mina’s screams of pleasure muffled only by Jame’s cock in her mouth. Jonathan watched as Mina got on her hands and knees, ass up in the air as they took turns mounting and fucking her doggy style until they both came deep in her pussy.

Once everyone was spent, they all got settled in the tent for the night; Mina being placed between Ken and James. Everyone drifted off to sleep. Early in the morning, Jonathan awoke to the rhythmic motion of sex and the sounds of muffled moans. He looked over in the dimly lit tent and saw Mina riding Ken again, her ass bouncing up and down on his bare cock. Jonathan didn’t know how long Mina had been riding his cock but it looked like she had already had a number of orgasms. James was awake rubbing lubricant on his hard cock. He slowly climbed over to Mina and coming up behind her, mounted her ass, slowly penetrating her tight hole with his large cock head. James took some time but he eventually worked the entire thing inside Mina. Mina looked so sexy there being sandwiched between two men, having her pussy and ass filled with large cocks. Mina leaned forward laying on Ken’s chest moaning and whimpering as Mina let them pump her without abandon. Mina opened her eyes and saw Jonathan awake, staring at the scene before him. She couldn’t speak but her eyes told him that she was filled with pure passion and pleasure. Both men came inside Mina as she orgasmed yet again.

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