jonathan and mina
mina and jonathan
mina and jonathan


Who We Are

We are a very chill and go-with-the-flow kind of couple who have been married for…oh…13ish years now and together for 20 something. Oftentimes acting a bit like teenagers but with an odd aura of responsibility due to the two actual children we cohabitate with. Hailing from that oddly liberal yet begrudgingly conservative city due West called San Diego, we moved here for the Mr to pursue some form of intellectual enlightenment at ASU that the Mrs is still wondering when he will achieve :/. Like most people from, “that” city, we stayed here because it’s cheap. Yea, not gonna lie about that one. Alas, here we are, living it up in upper-middle-class suburbia in NW Peoria (that kind of rhymes)!


Who She Is

The Mrs is a bit of sass and, after all these years of the Mr and parenting, a bit of, “I just don’t give a shit” all rolled into a cute little 5’3″ curvy Asian body. She loves to laugh and joke around and like most women (I think…but what do I know, I’m a dude) loves to be respected, treated like a real lady, and occasionally given a good spanking. A craft master and improving baker, she also likes to hike (hear that guys, she’ll hike with you) and is a bit of a Netflix junkie. She’s an organizer and a bit bossy so she does her day job as a tech product manager pretty well.


Who He Is

The Mr likes to think he’s a smartypants but isn’t the douchy type to rub it in or always talk about it. He’s the academic type with advanced degrees and published work and is so weird that he enjoys doing machine learning in his spare time. He is into fitness and loves to run and hit the gym almost every day…it kind of shows…but also kind of not :(. Aging sucks man. Since it’s always the elephant (yea right…) in the room, he measures in at an exact 6″ with what we believe to be normal girth. The Gaussian Distribution is there for a reason! It seems to still be in working order the last time we checked. For work, he is currently doing the manager thing in web software engineering after spending 9ish years as a token software engineer and another four as Engineering Director for a successful startup.

In Search Of...

What We're Looking For

Now this is the really hard part. Talking about us was fun and easy. Our primary filtering criteria is that we want a good lasting connection vs a quick hookup. We want to really speak with you and know you. Platonic dinners! Double dates! Board and card games! Double blowjobs in the jacuzzi…wait, what?

We’d be super interested if you:

  • Are upstanding citizens of your community.
  • Are both working professionals in good careers.
  • Have a fair amount of education between you both (or maybe it’s one-sided, whatever is fine).
  • Make concerted efforts at staying fit despite Father Time’s constant efforts at sabotage.
  • Are looking for consistency and reliability in play partners.
  • Enjoy fine wine and quality whiskey (or don’t drink…that’s fine too. Drinking is not the purpose of this one ;).
  • Think sex typically gets better with time, communication, and effort!
  • You are down to making videos/photos for anonymous posting online!
  • Enjoy reading and conversing on a variety of topics and are open to getting into political arguments and standing your ground no matter how much cognitive dissonance you are experiencing! I mean, this is AZ. J/K.

Solo Men

Hey guys! Yes, we are looking for very select solo men to play with (straight). This is always a touchy one in the lifestyle but in addition to the above, the Mrs prizes intellect, professionalism, and sensuality above most other things. For some ungodly reason, muscles and a huge cock don’t get her panties down. It’s a crazy world, I know. Don’t try to impress us, just be you and if it works, it works.