How we Started

Mina and Jonathan Harker are high school sweethearts. Having graduated together WAY back in the late 90’s, they have been together since 1997. They dated for about 10 years before finally tying the knot! Natives of SoCal but current residents of Phoenix, AZ, they have two kids and both have professional careers.

Because they were together since high school, they actually never dated anyone else aside from each other. That of course means they also never had sexual relations with others before getting married either. Sure, maybe a make out session here or there but that’s about it. As far as either one of them knows, nobody cheated either ;)!


So there they were, happily married circa 2007ish and neither having experimented much with other people. Jonathan was mostly the jealous type; concerned that other men would seduce his beloved. Mina, we’ll have you know, was somewhat of the flirtatious type. Not intentionally but rather incidentally. She always got along with guys better than girls and liked to joke and tease…the exact kinds of things that many guys take as flirting.

Fast forward to a year or two after they were married, Jonathan, always a horny and erotic-minded individual, started to get this feeling that he just couldn’t explain much less understand or admit. He started to fantasize and get off on the thought of Mina with other men! At first he thought he was crazy. How could this be anything but a condition? So he did as any good intelligent and educated fellow would; he took to the internet :/.


After a bit of research…and a bit more…and a bit more…he very slowly started to understand his “condition.” He was a voyeur! He liked the idea of watching people, especially Mina, engage in erotic and sexual acts. So after a lot of thinking, backing out, researching, backing out, and more thinking, he finally broached the topic with Mina.

Now, Mina was raised in a strict Asian household. Sex was ONLY after marriage and ONLY with the person you married. In fact, Mina dated Jonathan for more than two years before they even had sex. It took years of talking about this fantasy before Mina even considered it a possibility. Small, incremental conversations slowly pried open Mina’s desires to considering bringing other people into their bedroom.

Entering the Lifestyle

To make an already long story short, Jonathan’s persistence paid off. Mina and Jonathan eventually entered the hotwife and swinger lifestyle. That was way back in roughly 2010ish. Since then, they have been playing, on-and-off, with singles and couples in search of the elusive “right” fit; the right number of respectful, attractive, down-to-earth and intelligent couples and solo men to call upon for erotic adult fun.

Things being what they are, the search seems to be a never-ending one. They have yet to find consistent and long-term play partners. Their experiences have been overwhelmingly good but as with most things in life, the only constant is change and thus the search continues!

It should be noted that Jonathan and Mina fall into a few popular terms that might describe their situation. Swingers, ethical non-monogamy, hotwifing, and stag/vixen come to mind. They do not consider themselves a cuckold couple as neither one is interested in a dom/sub/sissy/humiliation dynamic and while Jonathan is not in the horse cock range, he is above average and Mina has zero complaints in that department. They date and play with other couples but also separately and are open to long-term boyfriend/girlfriend/unicorn/light poly dynamics.

D. Jarman

Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. Understand that we are you. Understand that if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and you have no rights in our lovemaking.

jonathan and mina